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Aaron Pauley

I’ve Seen Through Your Eyes

Alan Ashby

I’ll Hold My Head Up High

Scream For Everything That I’ve Loved

Alex Gaskarth

Don’t You See What You Do To Me

My Desperate Endeavor: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7

I’m Such A Terrible Mess: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16

I See Your Name In Lights

Andy Biersack

Share With Me

Austin Carlile

I Need Your Love: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8,Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15

When I Break Through

You’re Not Alone You’re With Me

Gerard Way

And In My Heart I Can’t Contain It

Well I’ve Been Holding On Tonight (Possible Trigger Warning)

Jack Barakat

And If I Have To Pull You Out Of The Wreckage

Cause A Scene Like You’re Supposed To

Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Jaime Preciado

I’m Never Leaving Her Alone

None Of The Colors Ever Light Up Anymore

You Ended Up In Palm Springs Dancing On Tables

Josh Franceschi

Keep Me On My Toes

She’s Mine

Would You Do It Again

Lee Malia

All I Ever Wanted I Already Had

Mike Fuentes

All The Beach Boys Look Like Sharks

Next To You I Shake

The Taste Of You And Me

When In Sudden Death We Fight Back (Possible Trigger Warning)

Ricky Horror

I Really Hope You Enjoy The Show

Ryan Seaman

Everything That I Know

Tony Perry

Better Think Of Something Good To Say

Vic Fuentes

Darlin’ You’ll Be Okay (Trigger Warning)

Don’t Seem To Care

Don’t Tell Me That I’m Ordinary

I Kissed The Scars On Her Skin 

I’ll Be The Fire That’ll Catch You

I’ll Never Wander, My Friend

I Want To See What Sound It Makes

I Want You In The Most Unromantic Way

One Day We’ll Tell Ourselves “Oh My God This Is Paradise”

She Sings In The Morning

That’s Gonna Ruin My Night

You’re Tangled In The Great Escape (Trigger Warning)

Zack Merrick

Have You Seen This Girl


Christmas Special

Mitch Lucker Special

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Anonymous said:
❝ i'm so sorry! mde 2-final isn't on your like masterlist of imagines so ❞

Its totally fine love! But I believe it is I have a copy of the masterlist in my drafts right now ill post it and let me know if that helps :)

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Anonymous said:

Uhh do u mean like a sequel? Because I finished mde like a long time ago…

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Anonymous said:
❝ Can you make a really fluff imagine with Tony Perry you're on your period and you guys were supposed to go to the beach so you call and have to cancel and are really upset and tony comes and cheers you up? ❞

Sure thing hun :)

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Anonymous said:
❝ you should totally have someone ship you. since not alot of people are sending in ships. plus we never seen you and ive been following you for like a year already ❞

really? should I? :s I’ll think about it…

and thank you for following this long love <3

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Cause A Scene Like You’re Supposed To

iseeagirlwithbrightredhair asked: Hii, could I have a Jack Barakat one where he’s sick all coughing, sniffling and miserable and you take care of him because he acts like a child when he’s sick? Thank youu


"Baaabe" I heard my boyfriend of two years, Jack, call from our living room. I walked into the room to see what he wanted.

"Yea?" I called. He sat up enough for me to see his head over the back of the sofa and turned to me.

"I don’t feel very well" he said, sounding kind of congested. I walked over to him and placed the back of my hand on his forehead.

"Well, you feel kind of warm" I said.

"But I’m cold" he whined.

"When you’re sick, you feel cold" I said. I walked to the closet and pulled out a couple blankets and wrapped him up in them.

"Snug as a bug in a rug" I said, placing my hands on my hips when I finished.

"But now I feel hot" he said with a frown.

"Well you have to sweat it out so you’ll feel better. Want me to make you some soup?" I asked. 

"Yes please" he replied. I walked over to the kitchen and got out a pot and filled it with water before putting it on the stove. I heard him sneeze.

"Umm, I need a tissue" he said. I grabbed a tissue box from the table and walked over to him, pulling one out and putting it to his nose.

"Blow" I said. He chuckled before blowing his nose. I made sure he was all clean before I walked back to the kitchen and threw out the tissue, washing my hands before touching anything else. I finished making the soup and brought it back to him.

"Come on, sit up so you can eat" I said. 

"Can you feed me please?" he asked with an irresistable cheese smile. I sighed and sat down on the floor next to him. I got a spoon and brought it to his mouth.

"Wait, you have to blow it to cool it off. Otherwise I’ll burn my tongue" he said, pouting his lip.

"You’re really something else" I said laughing. I blew it off and fed it to him. When he finished I brought the bowl to the sink. I sat down by where his feet were on the couch when I returned.

"Wanna watch T.V?" I asked. He nodded stiffly and I turned on the T.V to Adventure Time.

"Yay" he said weakly. I smiled at him and turned up the volume. We were watching for about five minutes before he sneezed again.

"I need help" he said. I sighed and grabbed another tissue and cleaned his nose.

"You’re the best babe" he said. I smiled and kissed his forehead.

"I know"

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❝ can you ship me by my icon?¿ ❞


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❝ Ship? Long brown hair ,5'6 ,brown eyes. I'm really the person who teases and jokes about everything ,shit loads of sarcasm and cynicism. I scream ,I have struggled with self harm ,eating disorders etc. Favorite bands are OM&M ,SS or BMTH :o ❞


I ship you with Matt Nichols :)

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Anonymous said:
❝ Ship? I'm 5'1 I have curly brown hair. I'm biracial and I love horror movies,reading,and writing. ❞

Vic Fuentes :)

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Anonymous said:
❝ Oo can I have a ship too please?? I'm 5'4 have blonde blonde hair, green eyes, I wanna be a tattoo artist when I get older, I love Disney and marvel stuff, I'm a really chill and shy person but I could be the most sexual little shit ever sometimes ❞

Haha I like you xp

You seem like a “guy’s girl” so I’m gunna put you with Andy Glass :)

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Anonymous said:
❝ Ship? 5'9, Blonde with red dip dye, blue eyes, eye brow piercing, glasses, awkward, shy... That's pretty much it! ❞

I think you’d be perfect with Ryan Seaman :)

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Anonymous said:
❝ Heyo! Are you shipping?! Because if sooooo: I'm a shorty who is full of life. I'm very calm and like to just take in other people, read some books, watch Netflix, listen to some jams. But, I become a beast at concerts. I love every one and everything and I have long, teal hair and some blue eyeballs. Thanks, love!! ❞

Ahhh im torn between Lou Cotton and Vic Fuentes for you!!!

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Anonymous said:
❝ Can i have a ship? I'm 5'5 with brown and red hair and brown eyes. I'm really snarky and sarcastic. I'd take a bullet for any of my friends. I'm really outgoing and I have a really dirty mind. I've struggled with self harm and depression in the past. And my favorite bands are My Chemical Romance and All Time Low. Thanks Love ❞


Im kinda feeling you with Alex Gaskarth :)

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Anonymous said:
❝ You said you've only received 2 ships so I decided to send you one plus I couldn't think of an imagine request(: I'm 5'4" with long brown hair, my music taste ranges from jazz to heavy metal,I love the outdoors including the beach, I hope to one day become a tour manager, Disney & 80's movies are my thing. I plan on getting a lot of tattoos as well (: ❞

Omg thank you for sending one in I dont feel like a failure as much now ^-^ and you have the same personality (and height) as me!!!

Yea enough bullshit I really ship you with the hottie Austin Carlile :)

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So far ive gotten 6 imagine requests:
- alan ashby
- zack merrick
- tony Perry
- ben bruce/jack barakat
- Alex gaskarth
- and someone from Like A Storm (cant remember the name sorry)


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mr pond